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Expand Birds (180)Birds (180)
Collapse Fish (394)Fish (394)
Expand Albacore tuna (6)Albacore tuna (6)
Expand Alfonsino (2)Alfonsino (2)
Expand Anchovy (4)Anchovy (4)
Expand Banded giant stargazer (2)Banded giant stargazer (2)
Expand Barracouta (12)Barracouta (12)
Expand Basking shark (1)Basking shark (1)
Expand Bass (4)Bass (4)
Expand Bigeye tuna (6)Bigeye tuna (6)
Expand Black cardinal fish (1)Black cardinal fish (1)
Expand Black flounder (2)Black flounder (2)
Expand Black marlin (5)Black marlin (5)
Expand Black oreo (2)Black oreo (2)
Expand Blue cod (2)Blue cod (2)
Expand Blue mackerel (4)Blue mackerel (4)
Expand Blue marlin (5)Blue marlin (5)
Expand Blue moki (4)Blue moki (4)
Expand Blue shark (4)Blue shark (4)
Expand Blue warehou (12)Blue warehou (12)
Expand Bluenose (2)Bluenose (2)
Expand Bollons' rattail (1)Bollons' rattail (1)
Expand Brill (2)Brill (2)
Expand Broadbill swordfish (6)Broadbill swordfish (6)
Expand Bronze whaler shark (1)Bronze whaler shark (1)
Expand Brown stargazer (1)Brown stargazer (1)
Expand Butterfish (4)Butterfish (4)
Expand Dark ghost shark (3)Dark ghost shark (3)
Expand Elephant fish (4)Elephant fish (4)
Expand Escolar (1)Escolar (1)
Expand Four-rayed rattail (1)Four-rayed rattail (1)
Expand Frostfish (4)Frostfish (4)
Expand Garfish (2)Garfish (2)
Expand Gemfish (12)Gemfish (12)
Expand Giant stargazer (4)Giant stargazer (4)
Expand Golden Mackerel (8)Golden Mackerel (8)
Expand Greenback Flounder (2)Greenback Flounder (2)
Expand Grey Mullet (3)Grey Mullet (3)
Expand Hake (12)Hake (12)
Expand Hammerhead shark (1)Hammerhead shark (1)
Expand Hapuku (4)Hapuku (4)
Expand Hoki (8)Hoki (8)
Expand Horse Mackerel (8)Horse Mackerel (8)
Expand Javelinfish (1)Javelinfish (1)
Expand John dory (4)John dory (4)
Expand Kahawai (8)Kahawai (8)
Expand Kingfish (2)Kingfish (2)
Expand Koheru (1)Koheru (1)
Expand Leatherjacket (2)Leatherjacket (2)
Expand Lemon Sole (2)Lemon Sole (2)
Expand Ling (12)Ling (12)
Expand Longfinned beryx (1)Longfinned beryx (1)
Expand Lookdown Dory (3)Lookdown Dory (3)
Expand Mako shark (3)Mako shark (3)
Expand Moonfish (2)Moonfish (2)
Expand Murphy's Mackerel (8)Murphy's Mackerel (8)
Expand New Zealand Sole (2)New Zealand Sole (2)
Expand Northern Spiny Dogfish (1)Northern Spiny Dogfish (1)
Expand Notable rattail (1)Notable rattail (1)
Expand Orange Roughy (7)Orange Roughy (7)
Expand Pacific Bluefin Tuna (2)Pacific Bluefin Tuna (2)
Expand Pale Ghost Shark (3)Pale Ghost Shark (3)
Expand Parore (3)Parore (3)
Expand Patagonian toothfish (2)Patagonian toothfish (2)
Expand Pilchard (3)Pilchard (3)
Expand Porae (2)Porae (2)
Expand Porbeagle shark (4)Porbeagle shark (4)
Expand Ray's bream (2)Ray's bream (2)
Expand Red cod (4)Red cod (4)
Expand Red gurnard (4)Red gurnard (4)
Expand Red Moki (1)Red Moki (1)
Expand Red Snapper (2)Red Snapper (2)
Expand Redbait (2)Redbait (2)
Expand Ribaldo (3)Ribaldo (3)
Expand Rig (4)Rig (4)
Expand Rough Skate (2)Rough Skate (2)
Expand Rubyfish (2)Rubyfish (2)
Expand Sand Flounder (3)Sand Flounder (3)
Expand School Shark (3)School Shark (3)
Expand Sea perch (4)Sea perch (4)
Expand Seal Shark (2)Seal Shark (2)
Expand Serrulate rattail (1)Serrulate rattail (1)
Expand Shovelnose dogfish (2)Shovelnose dogfish (2)
Expand Silver dory (1)Silver dory (1)
Expand Silver warehou (12)Silver warehou (12)
Expand Skipjack Tuna (6)Skipjack Tuna (6)
Expand Smooth Oreo (2)Smooth Oreo (2)
Expand Smooth Skate (2)Smooth Skate (2)
Expand Snapper (4)Snapper (4)
Expand Southern Blue Whiting (4)Southern Blue Whiting (4)
Expand Southern Bluefin Tuna (6)Southern Bluefin Tuna (6)
Expand Spiky Oreo (2)Spiky Oreo (2)
Expand Spiny Dogfish (7)Spiny Dogfish (7)
Expand Spotted Black Grouper (3)Spotted Black Grouper (3)
Expand Spotted stargazer (1)Spotted stargazer (1)
Expand Sprats (2)Sprats (2)
Expand Striped Marlin (5)Striped Marlin (5)
Expand Tarakihi (8)Tarakihi (8)
Expand Thresher shark (1)Thresher shark (1)
Expand Trevally (8)Trevally (8)
Expand Trumpeter (2)Trumpeter (2)
Expand Turbot (2)Turbot (2)
Expand Two Saddle Rattail (1)Two Saddle Rattail (1)
Expand Warty oreo (2)Warty oreo (2)
Expand White pointer, Great white shark (1)White pointer, Great white shark (1)
Expand White Rattail (1)White Rattail (1)
Expand White Warehou (8)White Warehou (8)
Expand Yellow Belly Flounder (2)Yellow Belly Flounder (2)
Expand Yellow-eyed Mullet (3)Yellow-eyed Mullet (3)
Expand Yellowfin Tuna (6)Yellowfin Tuna (6)
Expand Invertebrates (85)Invertebrates (85)
Expand Mammals (16)Mammals (16)
Expand Plants (22)Plants (22)
NZ Coastline (Detailed)
NZ Coastline (Detailed)
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warning level Bathymetry of NZ (100m - 10,000m)
warning level Bathymetry of NZ (100m - 10,000m)
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