Welcome to New Zealand's
National Aquatic Biodiversity Information System (NABIS)

NABIS is an interactive web-based mapping tool. Users can map and display information about New Zealand's marine environment, species distributions and fisheries management.

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What NABIS can do

NABIS makes available over 900 maps describing:

  • The distribution of New Zealand's marine species.
  • The New Zealand coastline, marine environment and bathymetry
  • New Zealand cities, towns, lakes and rivers
  • Marine reserves, Customary areas, and areas where fishing is restricted
  • And fisheries management areas

There are also tools that allow you to create new maps from fisheries commercial catch and effort data.

You can view or print any combination of map layers, at almost any zoom resolution that you wish.

 Map from NABIS showing Snapper and Mero's Octopus distributions

More of what NABIS can do...




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